Welcome to Curdworth Primary School

At Curdworth Primary School we encourage children to be confident, articulate, happy and healthy. We encourage each child to participate fully in school life and ensure that they fulfill their all round potential in a safe environment. We seek to inspire every pupil to be a highly motivated, independent learner, who actively participates in a balanced and well-matched curriculum, which affords equal opportunities and celebrates diversity. We strive for high standards of self-discipline and actively promote consideration for others, the community and the environment.

Latest Tweets

@CurdworthSport 27/06/2022

We had a fantastic day at CSW’s got talent 🤩 https://t.co/jKfxz3dUky

@CurdworthSchool 06/04/2022

More cracking creations from Squirrel’s class…@the_atlp #Easter2022 https://t.co/wDosQ5mSjc

@CurdworthSchool 06/04/2022

Check out these cracking creations from Squirrel’s class…@the_atlp #Easter2022 https://t.co/72L0C3QoFp

@CurdworthSchool 22/03/2022

Our new outdoor equipment is certainly a hit with the children! @the_atlp @AtlpEstates https://t.co/IAyXsX00cN