School Uniform

At Curdworth Primary School, we want children to take pride in their appearance, look smart and feel good about themselves. Wearing the correct school uniform promotes self-respect and respect for their school, creating a strong sense of school community.

Our school uniform is:

  • grey skirt, grey pinafore dress or grey trousers
  • white blouse or polo shirt
  • royal blue school sweatshirt, cardigan or school fleece
  • white/grey/black socks or grey/black tights
  • royal blue and white gingham check summer dress

Outdoor wear

  • waterproof coat
  • hat, scarf and gloves
  • school fleece

Sports wear

  • family group coloured t-shirt (this can be with or without the school logo)
  • black joggers/leggings (black shorts can be worn in the summer)
  • outdoor sports trainers (that support feet during physical activities such as running, jumping and safe landing)
  • PE hoody or school cardigan/jumper (this can be with or without the school logo)


  • small stud earrings only, no other jewellery allowed
  • plain, black or blue headbands or hair clips


  • Please note that black trousers, skirts and dresses are NOT part of our school uniform.
  • All clothing should be clearly marked using name tags or a water-resistant marker pen (please note: biro washes off over time).

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