At Curdworth, we meet all statutory PSHE requirements through following the Jigsaw scheme of learning.

Jigsaw nurtures children to be confident and successful, increasing their capacity to learn and preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

Curdworth children experience the following units planned over each academic year:

1. Being Me in My World

This unit includes lessons on Self-Identity, Group Identity, Responsibilities, Consequences, Teamwork and introduces the Jigsaw Charter.

2. Celebrating Difference

Includes lessons on Similarity and Difference, Bullying, Stereotyping, Racism, Discrimination and Celebrating Differences and Individuality.

3. Dreams and Goals

Includes lessons on Aspirations, Goals, Challenges, Teamwork, Resilience, Jobs and Careers and Simple Budgeting.

4. Healthy Me

Includes lessons on Drugs and Alcohol, Education, Self Esteem and Confidence as well as Healthy Lifestyle choices.

5. Relationships

Includes lessons on Friendship, Family and other Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Loss and Bereavement.

6. Changing Me

Includes lessons on Coping Positively with Change, Puberty, Environmental and Life Cycles (includes Human Reproduction).